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We use cookies to enhance your browsing experience, serve personalized ads or content, and analyze our traffic. SocialScore and our social media, advertising and analytics, etc. partners use cookies to enable our websites to remember information, to help some website functionalities to work properly, to understand how you interact with and use our websites, and to display you content and ads that are relevant and engaging for you.

Our Website and Services use cookies and similar technologies (together ‘Cookies’). Here you can find all the information about the Cookies we use and how we use them.

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1. General

Here you can find what our Cookie Policy regulates.

1.1 Terms have the same meaning in the Cookie Policy as in our Privacy Policy, unless otherwise provided here.

1.2 This Policy is designed to give you an overview of what Cookies we use and how we use them.

1.3 Socialscore is not responsible for third party Cookies, i.e. Cookies that are not initiated by us.

2. What is a Cookie, Types and Purposes

Here you can find out about Cookies in general and see a description of the types of Cookies we use.

2.1 We use Cookies on our Website that you can accept if you choose to use our Website. A cookie is a piece of data temporarily stored on the user’s hard drive containing information about the user.

2.2 Cookies may contain your Personal Data e.g. your contact information and information to allow us to identify your computer using our Services. There are other similar technologies, for example, called web beacons and pixels. Cookies allow us to recognize whether you have used our Service before and help us store your preferences and other information.

2.3 You can choose to accept only strictly necessary Cookies or choose and pick between functional, performance, and advertising Cookies. Most web browsers automatically accept Cookies, but you can usually modify your browser setting to decline or you can change and save your preferences on our Website. Declining Cookies may prevent you from taking full advantage of our Website and our Services.

2.4 We use Cookies in many ways. Cookies help us to improve our Services and make use of our Services more convenient. For example, we use session cookies, persistent cookies and advertising cookies. A session cookie is deleted automatically after every visit; persistent cookies remain upon repeated use of the Website, and advertising cookies and third-party cookies are used by the Websites of the partners of Socialscore which are connected with the Socialscore Website. You can check which cookies are allowed through your browser settings.

2.5 We use following types of Cookies:

Necessary Cookies – are strictly necessary to enable you to move around the Website and use its features. Without these Cookies, our Website cannot properly function and Service provision may be hindered. These cookies don’t usually collect information that identifies a visitor.

Performance Cookies – are Cookies that collect information about how visitors use the Website, for instance which pages are visited most often, and if they get error messages from web pages. These Cookies don’t collect information that identifies a visitor. Data gathered by these Cookies is aggregated and therefore anonymous. It is only used to improve how the Website and/or Service works.

Functionality Cookies – are Cookies that allow the Website and/or Service to remember choices you make (e.g. your username, language or the region you are in) and provide enhanced, more personal features. These Cookies can also remember changes you have made to text size, fonts and other parts of web pages that you can customize. The information these Cookies collect may be anonymized and they cannot track your browsing activity on other websites.

Behaviorally targeted advertising Cookies – are Cookies that are used to deliver advertisements and to make sure that those advertisements are relevant to you. They can also be used to check the number of times the advertisement is made visible to you, as well as help measure the effectiveness of advertising campaigns. They are usually placed by advertising networks with the website operator’s permission. They remember that you have visited a website and this information is shared with other organisations such as advertisers.

3. Specific use of Cookies

Here you can find which cookies exactly are used for what purpose.

3.1 The Cookies we use are as follows:

Consent cookieNecessaryTo choose whether to show the cookie popup or not.1 yearVeriff
LinkedIn InsightAdvertisementTo track conversions, retarget website visitors, and unlock additional insights about members interacting with our ads.Up to 2 yearsLinkedIn
Bing AdsAdvertisementEnables online conversion tracking, re-marketing, product audience engagement, automated bidding, and improves ad, broad match, and syndication performance.Up to 180 daysBing
Google AnalyticsPerformanceTo track website activity such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. of individuals using the site, along with information regarding the source of the traffic.Up to 2 yearsGoogle
Google AdsAdvertisementOnline advertising solution that we use to promote products and services on Google Search, YouTube, and other sites across the web.Up to 30 daysGoogle
NewrelicNecessaryTo provide flexible, dynamic server monitoring. This is necessary to be able to ensure that page loading time is up to standard or there are no anomalies in server performance. Up to 2 yearsNewrelic
HotjarPerformanceTo gain a better understanding of how users interact with the Website and identify issues that users run into when browsing the website. This is essentially necessary to be able to identify whether the Website or Service design is functioning or has run into any errors. Up to 1 yearHotjar
Retargeting PixelAdvertisementTo acquire, engage and retain customers.Up to 1 yearLeadfeeder
HubspotAdvertisementTo track website activity such as session duration, pages per session, bounce rate etc. of individuals using the site, along with information regarding the source of the traffic.Up to 2 yearsIntercom
SocialscoreAdvertisementSocialscore is the leading sales engagement platform, helping our team connect with business faster and more often across email, phone, social and more.Up to 2 yearsHubspot
SeonAdvertisementFraud Prevention tools help organisations reduce the costs and resources lost to fraud. Spot fake accounts, slash manual reviews and cut chargebacks.Up to 1 yearSalesLoft
YoutubeNecessaryEnables youtube video player componentUp to 16 yearsZoomInfo
Google Tag ManagerPerformanceGoogle Tag Manager (GTM) is an online tool that helps with tracking codes and collecting analytics on Veriff website.VariesYoutube

3.2 As our Website and Service are always improving and changing the use of Cookies may also change. We update Cookie information in the Cookie Policy once a month.

4. How you can change your Cookie preferences

Here you can see how to update your Cookie preferences and settings.

4.1 You will be presented information about Cookies and an option to accept all cookies or customize your Cookie preferences when you first visit Veriff’s Website. You can change your Cookie preferences at any time under your web browser settings.

4.2 In case you prefer using your web browser. Here you can find how to manage your Cookie preferences under different popular web browsers:

  1. Google Chrome
  2. Microsoft Edge
  3. Mozilla Firefox
  4. Microsoft Internet Explorer
  5. Opera
  6. Apple Safari

 4.3 If you prefer that your Personal Data is not processed on our website, you can activate the private browsing feature of your web browser.

5. Availability of, and changes to, the Cookie Policy

Here you can find information about changes made to the Cookie Policy.

5.1 This Cookie Policy is available on our Website.

5.2 Kindly note that we may modify the Cookie Policy from time to time. The modified Policy will be uploaded to our Website.

5.3 You are advised to review our Cookie Policy periodically for any changes.

All about the cookies

We use cookies to help you navigate efficiently and perform certain functions. You will find detailed information about all cookies under each consent category below.

The cookies that are categorized as “Necessary” are stored on your browser as they are essential for enabling the basic functionalities of the site.

We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze how you use this website, store your preferences, and provide the content and advertisements that are relevant to you. These cookies will only be stored in your browser with your prior consent.

You can choose to enable or disable some or all of these cookies but disabling some of them may affect your browsing experience.


This cookie notice (“Cookie Notice” on our site) provides you with information on how Socialscore or “we” and our social media advertising, analytics, etc. partners use cookies on


Cookies are small text files that are sent to your device by the browser upon request of the websites. When this notice mentions cookies it should be understood to include similar technologies (e.g. pixel tags, web beacons, local storage, etc.). The cookies that we provide or set on your device while you are visiting our websites are called first-party cookies. The cookies that our partners provide or set on your device are third-party cookies. Each cookie lasts for a different period of time. Session cookies will last only while your browser is open. When you close the browser, this cookie will be deleted automatically. Persistent cookies will survive even after closing the browser. For example, we will recognize your device via these cookies when you open the browser again.

Further information about cookies.

Learn more about the purposes of cookies, the duration of the operation of cookies, our social media, advertising, analytics, etc. partners that use cookies on our websites.

Data collected about you.

We and our partners process the cookie ID and related data such as information about your device, the functioning of our website, your preferences etc. Please note that normally we are not able to identify you based on these data, therefore they are normally not considered personal data. If, on the basis of specific circumstances, we are able to identify you based on these data, we inform you that we process your personal data in accordance with our Privacy Notice.


Socialscore shares the cookie ID and related data with the following recipients: cloud providers, customer relationship management (CRM) providers, integration tool providers, instant messaging providers, video conferencing tool providers, UI/UX tool providers, social media providers, online advertising platforms and agencies, marketing and analytics tools providers. For further information about our data-sharing practices please see our Privacy Notice.

Your choices.

We use “Functionality and Preferences”, “Personalization and Marketing” and “Statistics” cookies on the basis of your consent. You can at any time, provide, change or withdraw your consent from these cookies under “Details”. Please note that our use of “Necessary” cookies is not subject to your consent, we use them by default, as without these cookies, our website functions requested by you do not work.

Device fingerprinting.

We use device fingerprinting technology for ensuring information security of our services and to prevent fraud. For further information please see our Privacy Notice.

Further information about our privacy practices.

Our Privacy Notice complements this Cookie Notice. Learn more about who we are, how you can contact our data protection officer or us, how we process personal data, what are your rights regarding your personal data, and what are our data protection and privacy practices in our Privacy Notice.

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