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We help businesses to make smarter decisions,
using customer alternative data for analysis,
optimization, insights & KYC improvement

  • Local/Global data sources

  • Marketing Insights

  • Digital Footprint

  • Audience Scoring

  • Customer Segmentation

  • Predictive Analyses

  • Fraud Prevention

  • API + unique dashboard

Do you know your customers?

Example of customers’ device fingerprint in SocialScore:

IP: Continent: North America Country: United States Country Code: US Region: VA Region Name: Virginia City: Ashburn Latitude: 39.0438 Longitude: -77.4874 Timezone: America/New_York Currency: USD ISP Information: Amazon Technologies Inc. Browser Name: Unknown Operating System: Unknown OS Platform Country Flag:

Industry Use Case

Case Study for Consumer Buying Power

CASE STUDY FOR MARKETING PURPOSE Consumer Buying Power Background: Consumer buying power refers to the ability of individuals or households…

Case study for E-commerce

Here is a case study for an E-commerce using SocialScore: Background: ABC E-commerce is a rapidly growing online retailer that offers a…

Case study for TELCO operators

Here is a case study for TELCO operators using SocialScore: Background: XYZ TELCO is a leading telecommunications provider that offers a range of…

Case study for the insurance company

Here is a case study for an insurance company using SocialScore: Background: ABC Insurance Company is a large insurance provider that offers…

Case study for Financial institution

Here is a case study for a financial institution using SocialScore:Background: XYZ Financial Institution is a mid-sized bank that provides…

Key Benefits

Target the right customers with the right message at the right time. Unlock customer insights, and pursue growth everywhere your customers are.
Save time & money for digital transformation

Contact validation

Email Verification  & Deliverable
Phone Validation + Chat & messenger usage
Scoring based on machine learning

Personal interest

Get the most comprehensive personal interest lookup available with data from 200+ websites, including:
Customer preference, product wish, customer Location, E-commerce interest, E-services interest, and profile info

Digital footprint

Get the most comprehensive social media lookup available with data from 100+ social media sites, including user avatar, bio, and profile info. Easy to understand scoring system 0 bad – 1000 good

Flexi API & Custom dashboard

Smart dashboard providing marketing insight
Custom section specific to the business sector
Train your AI model and segment with easy
One API call easy to integrate

Marketing & Buyer persona

Customer information for sales optimization
Customers’ preference for communication
Customers’ characteristic profiles and grouping
Consumer Buying Power, predictive insight

Job, skills, company, AV Salary

Job, Profession & Personal skills
Company & Industry
Information about the company
Average salary by region and occupation

Fraud prevention

Real-time data checks by phone & email
Fraud API power by SEON
Check up-to-date e-signature
40 global sanctions, AML & watch list

Regulation and compliance

GDPR Compliance
We don’t sell or use your data
Dedicated server space only for you
100% control of your data

Connecting the dots

Recognize the unique digital footprint of individual customers so you can develop highly personalized campaigns to target them. Start connecting the dots – and connecting with real people. Find meaningful connections with your audience at scale.

SocialScore Knowledgebase

The only reliable and insightful way to segment your customers

Verify contact information & messaging apps in use with direct contact link Checks digital & social networks to find profiles related to an email or phone. Profile interest dataset from 200+ digital services + professional websites.
Custom dashboard with rich predefined reports and filters. Take control of your marketing strategy by training your own AI and getting the predictive insights you need. Automate and optimize your marketing and deliver results at scale.


Data points


Social scores


Verified customers

SocialScore success

-B2B exclusive service branded for you
-Collect, analyze, and retrieve more customers
-Convert information into digital form
-Rapidly duplicated and easily distributed
-Cloud base, AI & Machine Learning solution
-Rules & Scoring customization
-Filtering customization, Compatibility check
-Dashboard customization & personalization
-Created and communicated automatically
-Stored with varying levels of discoverability
-Real-time solution with 1 API  call or web dashboard
-Time & money safe, pay only for results
-Fraud prevention and AML + Sanction lists
-Dedicated support & customization team
-GDPR compliance & Secure


What is SocialScore?

SocialScore is a cutting-edge SaaS platform powered by AI and machine learning, designed to analyze customer behavior on websites and social media platforms, providing valuable insights and metrics on their activity and influence. By leveraging SocialScore software, businesses can prevent fraud, verify contact information, and messaging apps in use, all while maintaining a direct contact link with their customers. With SocialScore, you can easily and accurately verify digital identities in real time, reducing manual review times and eliminating the headache of chargebacks. See more

SocialScore solution?

The purpose of SocialScore is to provide businesses with a tool to measure and analyze their digital & social media presence, engagement, and impact, and to help them make data-driven decisions to improve their online performance. Part of the data is Contact validation, Marketing & Buyer persona, Digital footprint, Job, skills & Purchasing power, Personal interest, Fraud prevention, and many more. White Paper

How to use SocialScore?

On the cloud with a custom dashboard with rich predefined reports and filters or with just ONE API CALL INTEGRATION in your systems. Automate and optimize your marketing and deliver results at scale. See our case study examples

SocialScore is GDPR Compliance?

Yes, SocialScore is GDPR compliant. It ensures that all data collected and processed through its platform is done in accordance with GDPR regulations, which protect the privacy and data of European citizens. You can see our article about GDPR

Plans & prices?

We offer personalized plans and prices that cater to the unique needs of each customer, ensuring that you only pay for the specific information that you utilize. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our services and to receive a tailored offer that suits your requirements. Contact us for more information

Ask for more

Data orchestration for real-time audience personalization. It is more important than ever to have linked and interconnected data for your customers with a B2B, Ai, cloud solution to scale your Marketing and save time and money.

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